I am a disabled Army veteran looking to get back on the road again. Unfortunately my back rim on my Cannondale road bike sustained some major damage. And I have not been able to ride it for some time now. Just checking to see if anyone has a spare rim.
Looking for outdoor decorations. Please make sure they work. I really want to surprise my daughter and grandchildren this year and decorate their new place. She is a single mom and does not have money for Christmas items this year. So please anything will help. Thank you in advance
In need of small or medium dresser. Thank you.
My car is nonoperational at the moment and I'm not sure if/when I'll be able to afford to fix it, so I'd love to get a bike! Most of the places I go are within a couple miles, and having a bike would let me pick up groceries a lot easier. Female, 5'7", so I'm not sure what size bike that requires, but I'm not picky. :) I'd like to find one within a few miles of where I live, so I can take a Lyf...
Looking for tennis gear
Need polyethylene foam sheet or panels in dimensions 24X32" or larger. Looking for enough to make 6 panels that size. 1/2 to 1" thick. This is the foam that looks like plastic and is nearly impossible to tear (it does not crumble like polystyrene foam). Any color acceptable. Thanks for looking.
Just learned sewing and would like to begin making clothes. Any and all spare fabric appreciated :)
I'm in serious need or a computer desk chair. If anyone has one or know where one can be acquired please let me know. Thank you!
will take broken items
will take broken units that dont operate
Good lady needs a car for work.
Looking for tiles or tools for mosaic making. Thank you.
Looking for Ink for my printer, go through quite a bit as I homeschool my children. I have a Epson XP-330 All In One printer. Any Donations would be appreciated. Also printer paper would be appreciated as well. Thank you.
seal busted on my frig...unemployed older lady with autistic just need a little help at times please and thank you any info would also help
Hi! Looking for a modern working juicer... if you aren't using it, I can use it! Thanks :)
I am currently staying with and takng care of my elderly Aunt and we are in desperate need of a refrigerator. I cant be a very big one as it wont get through her doors of her old shotgun house. Thank you very much
I am currently taking care of and staying with my elderly aunt. we are in desperate need of a washing machine. Please and Thank you.
Just looking for the Trundle go slide under a daybed. Thank you!
My son is looking for Lego Ninjago sets and specifically any of the "snake" mini figures from Lego ninjago. This is probably a shot in the dark, but thought I'd check in with the community! Thanks.
Looking for moving boxes of any size please!
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